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“HBB Hanseatische Betreuungs- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH”, based in Hamburg, is an owner-managed company and has been successfully involved in project development and as a property developer and operator.

On the one hand, HBB is active in the project development of retail space and shopping centres. The process begins with the first creative concepts and ends with the turnkey handover to the future operator or tenant – or continues with management of the property by HBB Center Management. On the other hand, HBB also develops senior living- and residential properties.

The management of the senior living properties take place via its partner DOMICIL. In addition to that, existing commercial properties with a focus on office use are acquired and actively managed through HBB Capital Investors.

In all of its activities, HBB has a number of advantages that are reinforced by the comparatively small size of the company: personal ties, short distances and the high levels of commitment.

HBB approaches every project with an individual consideration of the opportunities and risks, always looking for the best solution that does justice to all those involved. Our customers nationwide can rely on proverbial Hanseatic reliability and the value of a handshake.

Find out more about our business areas and get to know HBB as a company. Here you will find current information about our projects.

What is special about us

You will find HBB during the project to be clear, reliable and very efficient. Our clients appreciate the fact that they always have named contacts at HBB, who take care of their wishes personally and quickly. Because we not only keep short distances between us and our customers, but also between our departments.

As business operators in the Hanseatic tradition, we like authenticity. This commitment not only relates to commercial agreements, but also to the quality of our advice and project management. We are reliable in our statements – always cooperative – and thus offer everyone involved a solid foundation for the success of the project.

Our employees and our partners prove to be experienced and highly qualified. If you appreciate working with specialists, you are in good hands with HBB. We do not experiment and are seen as a project service provider offering a high level of security – from estimates and scheduling to constructional implementation. It is therefore not surprising that our finished projects are above average.

Quality is particularly important to us – in planning, construction and operation. We don’t just make buildings, we create values. And we are not just operators, we make sure that houses become homes. This is what we mean when we say: HBB creates a special connection between people and property.

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