Office Real Estate

HBB invests in existing commercial properties with the main type being office use and in warehouse/logistics properties. Our goal is to stabilise or optimise the existing letting situation through active Asset Management. The properties should experience a sustainable increase in value through appropriate investment measures.

In an initial assessment, we analyse the property with regard to the relevant perspectives. Among other things, the following aspects are examined:

  • Structure and market analysis
  • Development and implementation of a rental strategy and a corresponding marketing concept
  • Supervision of investment measures such as expansion and renovation of rental space, maintenance and modernisation measures
  • Repositioning the property, if necessary

The right location for the property is an essential factor. We attach great importance to:

  • Location in German metropolitan areas with a stable economic structure
  • Sustainable inner-city or district locations with corresponding development potential
  • Adequate rental turnover and transaction liquidity in the submarket
  • Good transport links, thanks to connections with local public transport and long-distance travel
  • Office properties in the Core Plus and Opportunity segments are also interesting investment properties to HBB.

Your point of contact

Olaf Fortmann

Olaf Fortmann

Managing Director “HBB Capital Investors GmbH”
  +49 (40) 60 09 07 350

Eike Butt

Eike Butt

Investment Director – “HBB Capital Investors GmbH”
  +49 (40) 60 09 07 320


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