Cut of the spade for the new shopping centre in Heiligenhaus in the Rhine/Ruhr: Fast implementation planned for the “Forum Hitzbleck”

Forum Hitzbleck Heiligenhaus

+++ HBB starts constructing the shopping centre +++ Completion of the project set for autumn 2020 +++ Significant inner-city project with many new tenants +++

Heiligenhaus, 18 June 2019. The wait has come to an end. Now construction of the shopping centre in the inner city of Heiligenhaus is to start. Herr Michael Beck, Heiligenhaus Mayor and Herr Reinhard Mussehl, HBB’s commercial project manager, together made the symbolic first cut of the spade, so that the project may prosper.

The difficult demolition work and preparation of the ground had earlier been completed by the Moß company from Lingen (Ems) in Lower Saxony. Immediately thereafter, construction was started, which is to be carried out by the general contractor instructed by HBB, “Bauwens” from Cologne. “Bauwens” is an internationally active firm that has already implemented several commercial projects with HBB.

Completion of the project is scheduled for the autumn of 2020. Only due to close collaboration between the town, investor and construction company could such an early date be achieved. HBB plans for a shopping centre on land close to the inner city with the full-service grocery store, Akzenta, under the same roof as the Rewe Dortmund Group and the food discounter, Lidl, which is setting up on this site in a new and modern way. Both these stores are to be complemented by specialist stores, smaller shops and the foodservice industry. Over more than 9,000m2 of rental space and approx. 260 parking bays, a luxurious and attractive retail range is on offer to customers in Heiligenhaus.

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