German Council of Shopping Places presents joint project on shaking trauma prevention

#SchüttelMichNicht: Clinic for Obstetrics of the Charité & German Council of Shopping Places present joint project on shaking trauma prevention.


On August 20, the Department of Obstetrics at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin hosted a symposium on the topic of “From Reactive to Preventive Child Protection.” Not only was the tenth anniversary of the prevention project “Babylotsen” celebrated, but also #SchüttelMichNicht, the joint project with the German Council of Shopping Places (GCSP), was presented.


The focus of #SchüttelMichNicht is the prevention of shaking trauma – the most common form of abuse in infancy – which often leads to severe or fatal brain damage. On the occasion of the symposium, initially around 50 maternity clinics nationwide received shaking dolls to educate expectant parents – with around 60 more clinics to follow by the end of the year. In total, around 100 shopping centers will sponsor shaking dolls worth more than 200,000 euros for maternity clinics in this first-ever nationwide campaign until the end of 2022. The shopping centers will be sponsored by GCSP members ECE Marketplaces GmbH & Co. KG, JAGDFELD RE Management GmbH, HBB Hanseatische Betreuungs- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH and VÖLKEL REAL ESTATE GmbH.


Like also the Babylotsen project, which had among other things already with Kristina Schröder nameful support from the Federal Ministry for family, seniors, women and youth, finds also #SchüttelMichNicht already well-known supporter:inside from politics, economics and culture: For example, the Federal Ministry of Health sent a video message, while the patrons of the project Julia Harting (discus thrower) and Robert Harting (world champion, Olympic champion & multiple German champion in discus throwing), among others, together with actor Jan Josef Liefers, who took over the handover of the simulation dolls, were on site in Berlin on Saturday.


“The Babylotsen and #SchüttelMichNicht are two important prevention projects to support healthy growing up of children. They are an essential step towards more parenting skills and thus more protection for children – I am pleased to have such important partners in this significant matter at our side with the GCSP and its members, as well as to proclaim August 20 as World Shaking Trauma Prevention Day for this special occasion,” said Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Henrich, Director of the Clinic for Obstetric Medicine at Charité.


“Raising awareness of the issue of shaking trauma is extremely important – we are therefore pleased to be able to make an active contribution to education and awareness with the GCSP and our members. Shopping centers are there for everyone in a city. This strong connection carries the extraordinary commitment of the centers,” says Ingmar Behrens, authorized representative of the GCSP board.