Although corruption has never been an issue for HBB, we pursue avoidance strategies with third parties. Therefore, both internally through the employment contracts and externally through the construction and rental contracts, the partners undertake to rule out possible violations and to sanction them accordingly.

The careful handling of all data is a matter of course for HBB. To ensure the correct handling of data of all origins, we have mandated our own security officer who is responsible for compliance with data security at all levels of corporate activities.

In order to keep a company successful in the market in the long term, it is also necessary to adhere to fiscal rules. HBB has always attached great importance to doing the right thing in this regard. This is the only way to achieve the trust that our financing banks, our investors, but also our tenants and other third parties place in us.

Clear and open communication of all essential facts is part of it, in order to be perceived as a reliable partner by employees, customers and contractors. HBB has noticed that this transparency can speed up internal and external processes, since an understanding of the situation arises more quickly and any fears are avoided or reduced. This assessment has been confirmed, particularly at the public information events organized by HBB.