HBB is awarded the contract to restructure the “Adler Centre” in Wiesbaden

Adler Center

The owner of the shopping precinct, known as the Adler Centre in Wiesbaden’s “Äppelallee”, has charged “HBB Hanseatische Betreuungs- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft” from Hamburg with developing a new concept and restructuring the property.

As a result, the architectural configuration of the Centre has been completely reworked and endowed with a modern and inviting facade. Particular attention in this case was also given to the layout of “Seligmann-Baer-Platz”. The former centre was essentially gutted and given over to retailing, services and fine dining businesses. The Adler Fashion Market will also remain at the property, albeit with reduced space according to today’s needs. The neighbouring car park will be demolished and replaced with a new building for retail and fine dining, with parking being provided then in future by generously arranged, same-level parking bays, as well as a parking level on the new building structure.

In total, around 20,000m² of rental space and a retailing area of 12,000m² will be created, the design being established in close cooperation with the city of Wiesbaden. Opening is scheduled for 2022.

About HBB

The HBB group of companies with its head office in Hamburg has been active in the property sector for almost 50 years as an investor and project developer. Across Germany, a myriad of retailers, offices, hotels, senior citizen and other real estate has been built. HBB considers itself to be a specialised property investor with the ambition to create long-term value. Instead of maximising short-term profit, a focus of sustainability and compatibility has been laid upon the buildings. HBB is an owner-managed business and has access to a well-trained team of around 60 employees. “HBB Centermanagement GmbH & Co. KG” has been entrusted with other Shopping Centres, among others in Gummersbach, Hanau, Nidderau, Ingelheim, Langenhagen and Munich.

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