Opening of the shopping centre “Forum Schwanthalerhöhe” needs to be postponed

Forum Schwanthalerhöhe München

Opening of “Forum Schwanthalerhöhe” postponed

The opening of the new shopping centre, “Forum Schwanthalerhöhe” in Munich, planned for next week needs to be postponed. Trial runs of the technical safety facilities carried out last week, as well as at the meeting of experts that took place on Monday, 11th March 2019, showed up various completely unexpected malfunctions of the installed technology.

After conferring with the experts involved, these defects cannot be resolved by the planned official acceptance date of the following Wednesday, 13 March. It is therefore necessary to grant the experts from the appointed general contractors ZÜBLIN the demanded time to resolve the defects and provision of the required experts’ acceptance. This unfortunately also leads to postponing the opening of the “Forum Schwanthalerhöhe” shopping centre. A new opening date will be declared as soon as possible in collaboration with the general contractor, ZÜBLIN, as well as the relevant experts, after clarification of the defects and their clearance schedules.

“We very much regret this development and ask for your understanding that in matters of safety, no compromises may be made”, explains Harald Ortner, HBB Managing Director.

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