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Forum Hanau

Forum Hanau

Winner of the competitive dialog
As the winner of a competitive dialog tendered by the city of Hanau, HBB began a holistic redesign of Hanau’s city center in 2011. It consists of various sub-projects that will be implemented in close cooperation with the city over the next eight years. The goal: The qualities of the different quarters within the city center are to be complemented, strengthened and interconnected.

Forum Hanau as a magnet for the public

An important focus of the city’s development is Freiheitsplatz. On its western part, HBB realized the Forum Hanau. It is an extrovertly conceived gathering point for a range of retail and services not yet represented in Hanau and, in addition to the integrated new municipal library and other public uses on the 2nd floor, comprises a total of around 22,500m² of retail space on the basement, ground floor and 1st floor plus services and gastronomy. Retail and gastronomy businesses with supra-regional appeal are represented here. On the east side of the square, a new bus station saves a lot of space thanks to intelligent space reorganization. The open space that has been created beyond this is being turned into an outdoor area with a high quality of stay, among other things for market use.

Upgraded infrastructure

In addition to these focal points, HBB also redesigned the public infrastructure in the inner city area in close cooperation with the city. This includes the New Market, but also the upgrading of the main thoroughfares Hammerstrasse, Fahrstrasse and Rosenstrasse. The square at the Walloon Dutch Church, which is currently used mainly as a parking area, was also upgraded – the southernmost of a series of squares in the city, which should be emphasized as a whole. A green park has been created here, taking advantage of the square’s great potential as an open space.

Improved housing

Another obligatory task for HBB was the upgrading of housing in the southern city center. To this end, the so-called Westcarré, which covers some 7,400 m² and is located directly next to the Wallonian Dutch Church, was demolished. Its 1950s buildings with poor structural integrity were replaced by a modern, attractive residential development.


The new multiplex cinema has been thrilling audiences with the latest film productions since 2011.