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Rathaus Galerie Essen

The city of Essen is located about 35 km north of Düsseldorf and is considered the heart of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. Currently, Essen has about 583,000 inhabitants and is thus the ninth largest city in Germany. The consistently implemented structural change has made Essen a successful service location. Since the turn of the millennium, an increasing population development can be recorded.  In 2017, Essen was named the green capital of Europe. As a science location and due to its geographical position in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region, the city of Essen is considered an important transportation hub. Within one hour, more than 11 million people reach the location by car. Approximately 9 million people reach Essen by public transport. The university location of Essen is the youngest in Germany and, with more than 42,000 students, is among the top 10 largest university cities in the country. For the western Ruhr area and the Lower Rhine region with more than 5 million inhabitants, Essen thus forms the academic and intellectual center. Essen has always been undisputed as “the shopping city” in the Ruhr region.

The Rathaus Galerie Essen was opened in 1979 in the center of downtown Essen and was extensively renovated in 2010. The shopping center comprises a total leasable area of approx. 30,800m², distributed over two levels, as well as two separate parking garages. It is accessed via two main entrances. Within the center there are two spacious covered plazas, each with central stairway entrances and exits to the subway and bus station “Rathaus Essen” as well as to the parking garages. These two parking garages belonging to the center provide excellent accessibility for Essen’s individual traffic. Around 1,000 car parking spaces are located directly under the center. With these 1,000 parking spaces, the Rathaus Galerie Essen accounts for 20% of the total number of serviced parking spaces in Essen’s city center.

You can reach the Rathaus Galerie Essen comfortably and on dry feet by 13 buses or by subway and streetcar lines. Rathaus Galerie Essen is served approx. 1,377 times per week by bus and approx. 2,564 times by subway/tram.

Rathaus Galerie Essen already offers an attractive mix with well-known anchor tenants such as REAL, Decathlon, DM-Drogerie, Adler, Olymp & Hades and other well-known brands and concepts. The modernization of the center will add further tenants and concepts with access. The Rathaus Galerie Essen offers a total of approx. 70 stores under one roof. The ground floor and 1st floor contain the store areas, which are accessed via the mall on the first floor with its two plazas.

The new concept

The Rathaus Galerie in Essen is to become the meeting place for Essen and the catchment area again. The reference to the Ruhr area is to be established through changes in design and the mix of different materials and colors. The length of stay will be increased by warmth in the colors and materials as well as the creation of the new, spacious food mall. Customers should enjoy spending time in the center, meeting friends and doing their errands. With exciting new tenants and innovative concepts, an individual mix of sectors and tenants tailored to the location will have a strong appeal to existing and new customers.