Leasing Management

The basic structure of a successful retail property is the relevant rental concept. We rely on a balanced mix of tenants tailored to the respective location, which is made up of new, innovative concepts, local and regional dealers, as well as international chain stores and emphasises each location for its uniqueness. It is becoming more and more important for shopping centres to acquire new and innovative concepts or to develop them together with potential tenants. More and more often we dare to think outside the box and dedicate ourselves to various industries that were previously underrepresented in shopping centres. These include the areas of hotel, fitness, co-working, urban uses, doctors and other office tenants.

We offer:

  • Many years of experience in renting out retail properties
  • An excellent reputation and the best contacts on the market
  • Partnership relationships with tenants from all sectors and areas
  • The creation of holistic leasing strategies
  • Individual mix of industries and tenants, tailored to each property
  • Location-appropriate rental price estimates and potential analyses
  • A good feel for current trends and innovative concepts

Pop-up store marketing

HBB operates pop-up stores under its own flag as incubator areas for new brands and concepts. Our target group is potential tenants who have so far shied away from long terms and non-transparent rental models. The stores are fully equipped with a modular shop fitting systems and various accessories; the tenants only have to provide their goods and staff. We offer foreign owners of shopping centres full integration into the existing properties and then also take over the acquisition and ongoing operations.

Mall Marketing/Marketing

Do use the full potential of your property. We take a holistic view of your location and market your special areas for you, be it in the shopping street, in the parking garage or with analogue and digital advertising media. In our view, every shopping centre is a high-traffic zone that offers tenants, brands and agencies a unique platform for promoting products and services directly at the point-of-sale. Fresh concepts in constant change provide new impulses for your visitors. With flexible terms, we work with you to reduce the entry barrier for potential, long-term rental partners.

Rentals approached differently


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