When recruiting staff, HBB ensures that there is no discrimination against certain groups. This starts with ensuring gender balance. Employees who want to be employed with us beyond the age-related retirement age or employees with families are given suitable working models. In many areas, the remuneration of employees depends on personal performance and is also based on the success of the company. Fringe benefits such as subsidies for public transport, discounted membership in fitness centers, provision of company bicycles, etc. are also an important factor for us.

We ensure that the workplace meets the criteria of occupational safety and health protection. During the pandemic in particular, we took additional measures such as introducing shift work, reducing personal contacts and implementing complex hygiene concepts to ensure that our employees got through the pandemic safely.

For our strong growth, we rely on training and further education and thus the filling of emerging positions from our own junior staff. This also applies to management positions. Most of today’s executives have come down this path and therefore have a long tenure with the company.

Our shareholders attach great importance to the support of those who urgently need it. Therefore, a separate foundation was set up for this commitment, which distributes significant amounts to various charitable organizations every year. Care is taken to ensure that current issues are in the foreground, such as the current support for refugees from Ukraine. HBB also supports disadvantaged children with more than 50 sponsorships.

HBB encourages its subcontractors and tenants to comply with labor law standards (no child or forced labor, no discrimination) and to pay fair wages. As far as possible, this is also contractually recorded between the parties.

Through citizen participation during the planning and project planning phase, we explore the wishes of future users and incorporate good suggestions into later implementation. The social aspect of the property is also further strengthened during the operating phase through regular market research and the implementation of findings.

The implementation of feel-good areas in real estate, in their outdoor areas and in the immediate vicinity is now a must have when realizing sustainable real estate. In our nursing homes, for example, by forming residential groups, we make sure that our residents feel that they are in good hands with us. In the case of the mixed-use objects currently being implemented, we have worked with the cities to implement public spaces that are well received due to their quality and have quickly developed into meeting places and places of communication. The services that can be found in our shopping places are of a very high standard and serve all age groups.