Topping-out garland on the new Senior Citizens’ Retirement Home

Bayreuth, October 2019: On 24/10/2019 the topping-out garland was raised over the new Senior Citizens’ Retirement Home in “Scheffelstraße”. In March 2019, the general contractor, “Riedel Bau GmbH & Co. KG”, started construction work and after only six months the topping-out ceremony could take place. The investor is the Hamburg business group HBB, who for and on behalf of “Scheck Zweite Grundbesitz KG” completed the building work. In the Kreuz area of town, not far from the centre, the people from Hamburg are investing around 25m Euros. Between 60 and 80 permanent jobs have been created.

In the fourth quarter of 2020, the first of 168 senior citizens can start to move in. In the rooms designed to be spacious, bright and friendly, the resident can feel at home. All residents’ rooms will be equipped with their own bathroom, geared towards the elderly with a level-access shower and the most up-to-date emergency and safety alarm systems. All rooms will be comfortably furnished, but all the residents will still have the opportunity to furnish the rooms with their own furnishings. The new house will feature a large banqueting hall on the ground floor. Events for the citizens of Bayreuth may also be held there. According to the operator’s theme of “Prime of Life”, the house will be open to the neighbourhood and thus form a meeting point for the people of Kreuz.

“The HBB Group focuses on sustainable commitment and long-term goals”, according to Oliver Radünz, Managing Director of the HBB Group tasked with its completion. “By doing this, we are emphasising that all Senior Citizens’ Retirement Homes remain the property of the shareholders or the business”, as Radünz went on to say.

The new Senior Citizens’ Retirement Home is to be operated by “Hamburg DOMICIL Senioren-Residenzen Hamburg SE”. “DOMICIL” already operates all of HBB’s 40 completed houses over the whole federal territory. Here the caring skills and the well-considered operational and working processes are reflected in the assessments of the Medical Service of the health insurers.

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