Centre Management

Long-term successful Centre Management requires experience, creativity and openness. Today’s retail markets are becoming increasingly more dynamic and visitors are becoming more and more demanding. We see digitisation as an opportunity to increase your profile and as added value for the future. To do this, we use new forms of communication and analysis options that, after a test phase, advantageously support our work and the achievement of those goals set.

HBB Centre Management understands every visitor, every tenant and every quarter is unique and an opportunity. Our Centre Managers develop profiles, they are captivating as contacts, competent business people and strategic controllers. They always keep an eye on costs, sustainability and long-term development.

Individual marketing

In terms of the success of the entire centre, we think long-term in terms of sales and concepts. We create an individual marketing mix for each property and thus turn the centre into an independent brand with special USPs. To do this, we use all our contemporary advertising and marketing tools to create a uniform, coherent appearance that makes the property a magnet within the city and the surrounding area. Our specialists develop advertising and campaign concepts and use all location-relevant media and advertising materials. The success of all these measures is subject to continuous monitoring and we use the available budget where it pays off best.

Innovative and modern

HBB relies on individual design and innovative services in all aspects of the centre. We use the latest technology, not just only in matters of security. At our new centre in Munich, for example, we already have a digital cloakroom that enables customers to shop more easily.

Range of services - tailored to your property.


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