Protecting the environment, promoting social issues and designing corporate management with a focus on sustainability are high on the HBB agenda. HBB aims to integrate the ESG factors into the processes even more than they already do. In this respect, HBB will contribute to a more sustainable real estate industry. Accordingly, the HBB management has drawn up the following ESG guidelines, which should be taken into account by employees, service providers and investors/partners.


HBB attaches great importance to protecting the environment and tries to make the greatest possible contribution to achieving climate goals. This not only affects the process of planning and realization or the relaunch of real estate, but also the operation and the entire management.

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When recruiting staff, HBB ensures that there is no discrimination against certain groups. This starts with ensuring gender balance. Employees who want to be employed with us beyond the age-related retirement age or employees with families are given suitable working models.

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Governance / Corporate Management

HBB attaches great importance to preventing corruption, tax honesty, ensuring data protection and transparency towards employees and all investors/partners.

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