FORUM SCHWANTHALERHÖHE – the shopping experience in Munich’s West End

Forum Schwanthalerhöhe München

+++ New shopping Quarter on the “Oktoberfest” fairgrounds +++ 90 shops on three levels, Foodie‘s Place and Co-Working Space +++ Opening on 6 June 2019 +++

Munich 05/06/2019 – It’s here, at the “Oktoberfest” fairgrounds on 6 June 2019 the new shopping precinct FORUM SCHWANTHALERHÖHE. With its 90 shopping concepts over 25,000 square metres of space, a modern mix of fashion, technology, sport, groceries, fine dining, as well as services, Munich’s West End gets a unique shopping destination. The interior architecture builds a bridge between the eponymous Ludwig von Schwanthaler, Art and Munich’s way of life. The newly-designed shopping centre has been developed and implemented – created from an innovatively renovated core building and spatially aesthetic, extensive additions by the “HBB Hanseatische Betreuungs- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft” from Hamburg. The latter invested 240 million in its construction. The underground garage, open 24 hours a day, provides the district with 1,000 additional parking spaces. “

With the FORUM SCHWANTHALERHÖHE, we are bringing the heart of the West End back to life“, explains Harald Ortner, HBB’s Managing Director. “The attractive surface supply and the many advantages of the site convinced major tenants, like H&M, Lidl, Smyths Toys, “Das Futterhaus”, exactly the same as the numerous fashion brands and fine dining concepts.” Decathlon is opening for exactly the same reason a second store in Munich, to be able to present its selection of sporting goods on one level that proves impossible at its existing Click&Collect Store.

From popular lifestyle and Fashion brands, such as Guess, with “Premiere” as its new shopping concept, H&M, Footlocker + Kids, Hunkemöller, Jack & Jones, Engbers, Woolworth, Orsay, Vero Moda, Reno and Olymp & Hades, in addition to dynamic labels, such as, for example, Zeiss Vision Center, Apollo Optik, Rituals, Nature & Decouvertes and O bag, the FORUM SCHWANTHALERHÖHE offers every sort of choice. Expert advice on technology and telephony can be obtained by customers at Saturn, Telekom, Vodafone or O2. The bookshop, Hugendubel, and service providers round off this offering. Thanks to the large parking space availability, the big weekly shop at Edeka and Lidl, Müller and dm or “Das Futterhaus” comfortably manage what the local supply function of the shopping quarter underscores. The Foodie‘s Place on the lower level and on some surfaces on the upper level promises something for every taste: Big names like Burger King, the Munich traditional butcher, Vinzenmurr, are also represented, like gastro-concepts from Asia, via Organic Kitchen, Urban Soup, through to coffee, pancakes or ice cream.

“In addition to the mix of shops and fine dining, the extraordinary interior design and the lounge areas offer a real shopping experience with a very high quality of stay”, explains Heiner Hutmacher, HBB Centermanagement’s Managing Director. For the inauguration, many shops in collaboration with the membership of the FSH Members’ Club are giving away a VIP Gift Goodie Bag. Shops and restaurants are open from 09:30 to 20:00, with Lidl and DM starting from 07:00.

FORUM SCHWANTHALERHÖHE is working together with those surfaces of “Bayerische Hausbau” as the new shopping precinct on the square between “Schwanthaler Straße”, “Theresienhöhe”, “Gollierstraße” and “Schießstättstraße”. The former accommodation and trading complex of the ‘70s has been developed by the collaboration of HBB and “Bayerische Hausbau” into a retail space on 40,000 square metres, whereby the surfaces can be operated separately from each other. On HBB’s plot is situated the three-storey building section with FORUM SCHWANTHALERHÖHE and the part directly beneath it of the underground garage. The northern section with its associated underground garage is situated on the property of “Bayerische Hausbau”. After renovation has completed, the public will have access again to 1,000 parking spaces in the underground garage.

Munich’s Chief City Planning Officer, Professor, Dr. Elisabeth Merk, adds: “We extend a warm welcome to the upgrading of the ‘70s style building into a new and attractive shopping precinct for people being created on the “Schwanthalerhöhe”. Added to which, the underground garage will make a valuable contribution towards relieving the parking situation.“

Shopping in an artistic environment

The Schwitzke Group from Düsseldorf developed the interior design and the design for the Mall at FORUM SCHWANTHALERHÖHE. The godfather for the design is the Bavarian sculptor, Ludwig Schwanthaler, a master of South German Classicism, who created the monumental Bavaria Statue on the “Theresienwiese” – one of Munich’s icons. The design was inspired by Schwanthaler’s artistic works and his times, the stylistic era of Classicism. Sculptures, etchings and drawings have been given an up-to-date interpretation and assembled as branding for the Mall with graphical collages. The design for the interior spaces harks back to Classicism with clear lines, elegant decorative frames and majestic pictorial motifs. Opulent flowers, quotations from poems of Schwanthaler’s, gentle pictures of clouds and marble structures adorn the highlighted areas and ceiling panels of the Centre. “Together with HBB we searched for a design theme, that on the one hand touches you emotionally and on the other creates a link with Munich“, explains Marie Ernst, Schwitzke & Partner’s Managing Director.

“Dancing Mirrors” is the name of the pendulum shaft, which the Swabian designer, Ingo Maurer, designed with his team for the entrance area. This work of art involves an extensive, almost 10 metre high and 17 metre wide kinetic installation from pendulum shafts from approx. 9.5 to 2.5 metres in length that play around with the laws and magic of physics. The spheres hang in such a way that while oscillating then as a straight line back and forth, after a short time they resemble a snake and wave pattern, until the spheres dance through each other. In the following 60 minutes, the spheres complete within a set period an increasing number of whole oscillations. “The FORUM SCHWANTHALERHÖHE has in this case received a work of art for its public spaces, whose oscillations give in their observer a calming effect”, says Ingo Maurer. “Because of the mirrored orbs, the installation is well suited to selfies and Instagram posts while you are out shopping.”

An illuminated ceiling of around 75 square metres depicts different lighting moods to the rhythm of the times of the day and the seasons. Like at sunrise, the ceiling in the mornings changes into pastel-like red-orange and light blue tones. Then come the blue tones of the afternoon sky with white clouds in colour temperatures of 5,000-7,000K. These light colours encourage the production of Cortisol und Serotonin. To achieve a “natural” changeover, cumuli slowly drift over the illuminated ceiling, to transform themselves into new constellations. Until at evening time, the lighting mood connects with that of sundown. At dark times of the year at Christmas, twinkling stars shine from a night-blue sky.

The architecture was designed by the Düsseldorf office of “RKW Architektur +”. Their basic architectural idea consisted of changing the path network secured by the construction plan, so that a central shopping street was created to traverse the project from East to West. In the northern area, a public, open-air thoroughfare replaces the existing passageway, which creates enormous added value. “The cubic nature of the existing building was thereby retained as much as possible and the conclusive concept of the ‘70s was picked up: The original homogeneity of the architecture was reproduced and formally transformed into today”, explains Jens Thormeyer, Associate Partner at “RKW Architektur +”. In this way, all the facades of the original building – following the historical context – were replaced with the most up-to-date building materials, such as, for example, ultra-light architectural concrete. A new, representative entrance area with a glazed ground floor became a new address in the district. Further information:ö


A new shopping quarter on the “Oktoberfest” fairground, between “Schwanthaler Straße”,”Theresienhöhe”, “Gollierstraße” and “Schießstättstraße”, with a total of 40,000 square metres of retail space.

Theresienhöhe 5
80339 Munich
Telephone: +49 (0) 89 59 97 60 90ö

Underground garage open around the clock with 1,000 parking spaces, Charging Points

“HBB Hanseatische Betreuungs- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft”:
Retail surface: 25,000 square metres
Largest tenants: H&M, Lidl, Decathlon, Smyths Toys

Part of the “Bayerische Hausbau” portfolio:
Retail surface: 15,000 square metres

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The HBB group of companies with its head office in Hamburg has been active in the property sector for almost 50 years as an investor and project developer. Across Germany, a myriad of retailers, offices, hotels, senior citizen and other real estate has been built. HBB considers itself to be a specialised property investor with the ambition to create long-term value. Instead of maximising short-term profit, a focus of sustainability and compatibility has been laid upon the buildings. HBB is an owner-managed business and has access to a well-trained team of around 50 employees.

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